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Crossover Symmetry is a research and evidence based rotator cuff and scapular strengthening system, developed by top sports physical therapy experts, athletes and coaches. The programming was engineered to faciliate safe and efficient shoulder mechanics in order to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance through a solid kinetic chain. The benefits of the system have been seen on the field, on the court, in the weight room and in clinical settings. Crossover Symmetry is currently being used by professional athletes in the MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA as well as over 75% of the NCAA Division 1 Universities in USA.

The Crossover Symmetry System includes four separate phases. Each phase has a specific purpose and a time of use (between 3-5 minutes). The first three phases that make up the Crossover Symmetry System (Activation, Recovery, and Plyometric) are designed to be used on a daily basis. The fourth phase, IRON SCAP is a high intensity scapular strengthening program and should be used post workout/game three times a week.


The Activation program is the most important phase of the Crossover Symmetry System and should be used prior to any workout. It is a non-fatiguing dynamic shoulder warm up, designed to activate the essential structures of the shoulder complex. The Activation program will improve neuromuscular firing and increase blood flow to targeted muscles.

crossover symmetry activation


The Recovery phase should be utilized post game/workout with athletes whose shoulders give them persistent problems. It is also very effective following heavy workloads or the last event of a multi-day competition. The Recovery phase utilizes eccentric, or negative muscle contractions, which have been shown to be beneficial when treating chronic overuse injuries. The Recovery phase increases targeted blood flow to tendons and muscles to speed up the body’s healing processes.
crossover symmetry recovery


In the Plyometric phase, the athlete will perform five high speed plyometrics (oscillations) at the end or mid-range of the exercise. The plyometric program employs the principles of rhythmic stabilization in functional movement patterns that have been used for decades by the top sports medicine professionals in the world. By applying rapid alternating movements, the neuromuscular control required for timing, efficiency, and stability during high speed dynamic movements is enhanced.
crossover symmetry plyometric


IRON SCAP is the true strengthening phase of the Crossover Symmetry System. It is an intense workout targeting the key scapular stabilizers that work as a force couple to balance and promote upward rotation of the scapula. IRON SCAP is an extremely effective program for strengthening the scapular stabilizers, which will improve posture, scapula positioning/rotator cuff function and energy transfer throughout the kinetic chain. Learn who can benefit from Iron Scap.

crossover symmetry iron-scap

Shoulder Pain Management

The Crossover Symmetry System will help most athletes who are experiencing symptoms of shoulder impingement and can restore them back to pain free training in as little as 3 weeks. The system is used by hundreds of rehab clinics as the recommended take home program for shoulder patients, effectively bridging the gap between clinical rehab and sports performance. Included in the system is a Red Flag Screening protocol which makes it possible to identify the athletes who have a more serious shoulder condition that warrants further evaluation from a medical professional. Using the Crossover Symmetry equipment as the screening tool, coaches can take athletes who are experiencing shoulder pain through four simple tests to determine if that athletes should see a medical professional. Learn the Steps for Eliminating Shoulder Pain using Crossover Symmetry here.

Enhance Performance

Kinetic chain is a term used by medical and sports performance professionals to describe how your entire body is interconnected. It is a series of links that act in a coordinated, sequential fashion to generate and amplify force. This chain, in the throwing/pulling/overhead athlete includes but is not limited to the legs, hips, core, scap, shoulder, arm and hand. Throughout the kinetic chain, weak links will inhibit energy transfer from one body part to another and will have the most profound impact on areas closest the weak link.

The scapula ideally provides a stable platform for energy to be transferred from the core the arm. The weak link in the throwing athletes most often is lack of a stable scapula through which energy is being lost during overhead motion. This loss of energy can be compared to shooting a cannon out of a canoe. If the scapula is not stable, in this case the scapula is represented by the canoe, to a more stable platform anchored to the ground, will enable the cannonballs to fire at higher velocities with greater distances. IRON SCAP strengthens the scapular stabilisers, fortifying a solid platform for maximal energy transfer throughout the kinetic chain.

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“Crossover Symmetry is a staple for training all of our patients and clients at Next Level Sports Performance. Regardless of age, or ability, the Crossover system trains people from early injury stage to multifunctional high level exercise programs. We highly recommend the units to all clinics as well as the home system as a cost effective way to work the body for functional sport movement. This is one product that truly helps people get back into life and back into the game!”

Jim Keller, Med, ATC
Next Level Sports Performance

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